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About Us

Shanghai Yongzeng Technology Co.,Ltd , founded in 2008, is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of pharmaceutical Intermediates and advanced chemicals. She has one R&D lab center, which cooperates with some famous universities in China. Key products are Ledipasvir Intermediate;Pranlukast Intermediates;Flecainide Intermediates and so on.

Shanghai Yongzeng Technology Co.,Ltd. The office is located in Shanghai City. It enjoys superior geographical position, easily accessible from all parts of the world with modern science and technology. The production facilities are located  at high-tech demonstration park of Dongtai City of Jiangsu Province.All the stuff at company works as a collaborative team with innovation.

Shanghai Yongzeng Technology Co.,Ltd offer you not only good products, but also a wide range of services. we accept a series of customized special chemicals. We are good at Grignard reaction;Heterocyclice formation and mannich reaction, and so on.

We aim to achieve the goals for wide accessible to your companies in the pharmaceutical industry.Our belief in creating value through innovation can transform our company into a leading manufacturer in this industry. Certainly, the Innovation includes all in the manufacturing and management during our work.  We believe that our cooperative relationship isn't an either-or winner situation,but rather inclusive a sort of both-and winners in the constancy of faith.

                                              We are Moving…… 

                                                                                                   Your Smile is our Goal

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